Information about ArtCube Market

How it works

How it works

  • Bank Account 
  • Stripe or PayPal Account
  • The unbridled enthusiasm to keep cool stuff out of the garbage.

  • Overnight shipping or delivery ability

Become an ArtCube Market Seller/Renter/Talent

  • Sign up
  • Fill out your profile 
  • Configure your payment portal (Stripe or PayPal)
  • Create a listing and share it
  • You will receive an email when each listing is approved and you

We do a weekly email of new stuff...

How sellers get paid

  • After a 7% tech and processing fee, funding goes directly to the seller. 
  • Sellers have direct contact with Buyers.
  • Payment is released by the buyer directly to seller's account.
  • A transaction is complete after the item is delivered and the listing closed.
  • Closing of the listing triggers delivery of payment into your account. 
  • After the transaction is closed, all discussion, requests for refunds, exchanges, returns, and/or missing or damaged charges on rented or sold items are exclusively the responsibility of the seller. 


  • There is a minimum transaction of $5.00.
  • ArtCube charges a 3.85% commission per transaction.  
  • Stripe's charges 3.15% commission +$0.55 per transaction.
  • The seller gets a direct payment of 92%

Seller responsibilities 

 Be nice, okay? 
  • Prompt customer service and kind communication.  
  • Product and customer service queries are your responsibility.
  • ArtCube does not resolve disputes.

Be fast, too.
  • Timely shipping and smooth transactions.

Be business-y.
  • If necessary, the seller must provide and execute any documentation and/or contracts relating to transactions for sales, rentals, services, classes or custom work.
  • ArtCube does not guarantee any return, exchange or fulfillment after the transaction is completed. 

Don't get voted off the island.
  • If a dispute requires admin as mediator, there is a $125/hour dispute fee by the seller, for the resolution of the dispute no matter the outcome.
  • If a seller receives more than 3 disputes, they gotta go.
  • There is no refund on Stripe or ArtCube fees. (You lose 7%)

Our Responsibility

  • Each listing and account will be approved by usually within 24 hours
  • We reserve the right to reject or remove any applicant or seller for any reason
  • We will maintain low fees so artists and makers and make some dough.
  • We will never go public

Listing Protocol

  • Each item must be its own listing.
  • If you have an duplicates item, re-open the listing.
  • Quality photos rank higher. 
  • Be honest  
  • Be clear
  • Be happy

We listen

  • If there is a category you would like to see added to our offerings please feel free to contact us.


We might use your listing on social media.

ArtCube Market reserves the right to use any and all images, descriptions or other media related to your listings in marketing, media, social media and or any other advertisement, business, trade or any other lawful purpose whatsoever.