Laser cutter, 3D Scan, 3D Print Service, 3D Modeling

I'm offering a variety of small-scale services. Email for details and pricing.

Lasercutter: Can cut and engrave wood, acrylic, felt, cloth and other materials up to 1/4". Bed size is 19.5 X infinity (the machine has a pass through slot, so max length is really just the length of your material). Need a vector file for cutting and scoring, and a bitmap file for engraving. Pricing largely dependent on time required to cut.

3D Scanner: Can 3D scan with texture objects with a max size of 7" diameter, 9.8" height. Some materials like glass or reflective surfaces cannot be scanned.

3D Printer: I can print 7.9" x 7.9" x 7.1" in PLA, ABS, PETG, NylonX. Price based upon material usage.

3D Modeling: I work professionally as a 3D modeler using Rhino and Grasshopper software. Reach out if you have a project.

Listing created Dec 13, 2020