Slow Casting Plastic Silicon Material for Molds


Volatile free brand -
VFI®-4171 70 D Slow Casting Plastic is a 1:1 plastic with a slow demold time that is made to be poured.

Polyurethane plastic is easily paintable with a primer and is recommended for any decorative application. VFI-4171 is a highly functional plastic that is easily machined with a CNC or other machinery and maintains its shape at high temperatures. Slow demold times allow for more intricate parts to be poured and more detail to be obtained. VFI-4171 Slow Casting Plastic’s low viscosity and slow speed allows for degassing without the need of a vacuum chamber.

We have 12 unopened 5 gallon buckets of this material available.

Selling at $250 PER 5 pound kit
They retail for about $376 PER AB MIXTURE POUND!

Our loss, your gain.

Even a material such as Fast Cast 300 which is comparable to this material, the cost is at over $100 per 2 pounds.... definitely a tremendous savings if you go our route.

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